The Benefits of Alternating Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is often the solution relieve an aching pain resulting from muscle or joint damage. For cold therapy, or cryotherapy, ColPac cold therapy, IceMan cold therapy, Bengay cold therapy, or a cold therapy machine can be used. Cold treatment can help reduce the blood flow to an injured area, slowing down the rate of inflammation and reducing the risk of swelling and tissue damage. It also makes the sore tissues go numb, similarly to a local anesthetic, slowing down the pain messages being transmitted to the brain. Basic heat therapy, or thermotherapy can involve the use of an infrared heat therapy, pads that can be heated in a microwave, or a moist heat therapy. When you apply moderate amount of heat to a sore area, it will help dilate the blood vessels, promote blood flow, and relax sore and tightened muscles. In some cases, alternating ice and heat therapy may prove to be helpful, as it will increase blood flow to the injury site. For alternating hot and cold therapy, Lagoon Shop has all the products needed to provide comfort and relief. From heating pads to the cold therapy machine, find all the necessities for an effective self-hot cold therapy. All products available at discount prices.

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