Valentine’s Day: My Story About Last Year

Today, was the last day of the year. I managed to visit the mall in the afternoon to avail new year’s sale, as I approached the cheap cologne corner, I was surrounded by some of the best scents. With the scent of one of the best smelling perfume, I found myself traveling back to the previous year’s Valentine’s day and reminiscing uncountable memories where I gained one of the most precious lessons of my life.

Scents are strongly connected to memories. Hence, that best smelling perfume took over my mind and I was no more standing at the cheap cologne corner but reminiscing over the past. After my engagement broke, I was heartbroken on my first valentine’s day. While I was sinking in overthinking my bestfriend called to declare that we are celebrating this valentine’s day together. It was a relief for me. Being the lovers of a peaceful environment, we decided to sit by the seaside after dinner. She made every possible effort to made me enjoy the day fully yet, throughout the time my mind kept on recalling “what ifs” and I kept on shutting it.